Small Business Tips

Many people dream about starting a small business, but the idea itself can be a bit overwhelming. If you've taken business classes before, you may have a bit of a head start, but even for business majors, the prospect of starting a business is daunting. Not only do you need a lot of knowledge about things like accounting and marketing and management, you must also have the necessary drive and resourcefulness in order to succeed. That said, here are some tips for people who want to start a small business.


1) Get the proper licenses. You will need things like business licenses and other permits, depending on the type of business you plan to operate. This is true even if you run a business from home, so check your local laws.

2) Incorporate. The idea of starting a company can feel intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Buying forms from sites like will allow you to incorporate easily and with minimal cost. Why should you incorporate at all? Quite frankly, it's all about protecting your interests. A corporation is a separate entity, so if you incorporate, that shields you from personal liability if your business ever gets sued.

3) Get the necessary stationery. You don't want to start a business before you have checks, business cards, brochures, and other marketing materials. Getting these things does not have to cost a lot. Use companies like Deluxe and take advantage of online coupons like the ones here to get a hefty discount. For things like business cards, you can use online printing companies like Vistaprint or go to your local Fedex/Kinkos for some good deals.

These are just some rudimentary tips for people starting a business. There are of course many other things you will need to be on top of. Because of this, I recommend purchasing a few books about starting a business so that you have a more comprehensive view of what you'll need to do.

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