Why I no longer play MMOGs


There was a time, perhaps 5 or 10 years ago, when you couldn't stop me from playing massively multiplayer online games, commonly referred to as MMOGs. They seemed to be the most engaging type of game one could take part in, and perhaps most notoriously, they were highly addictive. I have plenty of friends who spent 20 hours or more each week playing such games. Even a single game can get you addicted to the point where you are spending multiple hours each day, if not every waking moment.

But for me, those days are long gone, not because I forced myself to put aside gaming, but rather because I began to lose interest in MMOGs altogether. It's a slow process, but once you play these types of games for years, you start to notice that they all feel the same. The newest Star Wars MMOG attempted to break the mode a little bit, but it wasn't enough in my opinion. Sure, I enjoyed that game for maybe a month, but beyond that, it couldn't hold my interest. I have since then moved on to playing mostly live-action console games. I use gamefly to get console games at a monthly low price. A free gamefly trial offer can be claimed if you go to xxx.

The problem in my opinion, is two-fold. First, MMOGs have not evolved enough, which is the reason why people like me feel that they've already played a game, even if they haven't. The interfaces are all the same, and even the general mechanics of leveling up, etc. is the same across just about any MMOG. A larger problem than that, however, is that most modern MMOGs are "theme park" games, which forces you through a linear plot. More and more, I think people are beginning to dislike this type of gaming for its predictability and the lack of control the user has. A much better type of MMOG, as far as I'm concerned, are sandbox games. In a sandbox game, you literally live in the game universe and there is no storyline you have to follow. At the end of the day, there are only so many videogame stories people can tell. I believe we are reaching a point of exhuastion. And this is why I believe that sandbox games will slowly take over and become the new way of gaming.

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