A Guide to Buying Ink on the Internet

Buying ink on the Internet is one of the smartest ways to significantly reduce your office supply costs. In this quick ink buying guide, we’ll show you how you can use certain techniques to get the best prices for your online ink purchases.


The first thing you must decide is whether you want to buy brand new inkjet cartridges, or remanufactured cartridges, which are essentially used cartridges. The advantage of a brand new cartridge is that it is new and will almost always work perfectly right out of the box. However, brand new cartridges are also the most expensive. A remanufactured cartridge, on the other hand, is slightly cheaper, but there is a bigger risk associated with them. Because these cartridges were refilled by a vendor, there is a higher chance that they won’t work as well as a new cartridge. Also, some remanufactured cartridges may make your printer display errors and won't issue warnings when your ink levels are low. So the reduced price comes with a cost, namely more hassles and headaches.

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There is also a third option if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, which is to purchase an ink refill kit and refill empty ink cartridges on your own. Ink refill kits sell for around $30, and will allow you to refill cartridges multiple times before you need to buy another kit. I personally do not like this option myself since it is too much of a hassle. I tried it once and vowed to stick to remanufactured cartridges in the future. I'm perfectly happy letting the experts handle the refilling of ink.

When purchasing ink online, make sure you make full use of online coupon codes in order to secure optimal pricing. As I'm sure you know, ink isn't cheap, so you want to get the greatest number of discounts that you qualify for.

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