Tips and Tricks on Raising Alexa Rank

Sign Up & Claim Your Website

alexa ranksSign up and claim/verify your site in order to register your website with your account. Alexa pays more attention in ranking to claimed websites, therefore it will examine your website in a much better manner. Right after registering and signing in, go to the listing of your website and click on ‘claim this website’ URL at the right side of the name of your website or click the below listed image and add the link of your website and then claim your site.

Add an Alexa Batch (Review or Statistics Widget)

It is highly recommended to add the Review or Statistics batch on your website. Statistics batch will display the present rank status of the website and the link reputation of the website and Review batch will only display an image requesting for review. When anyone clicks on the widget then its visit is counted and can boost your website rankings.

Ask Your Friends & Visitors to Review Your Site

Your website visits, bounce rate (number of single page visits) and time duration of the users on the web pages of your website are also counted while analyzing your website’s rank. Always write quality as well as informative articles because that will allow a user to stay longer and browse more web pages of your website. Write useful along with niche related content to your viewers. Such kind of content can attract much more targeted traffic to your website as well as assist in growing the traffic and finally the boost in your website’s rank.

Increase Your Link Reputation

Back links are also counted while determining your rank. Building back links is a vital factor for boosting Alexa along with Google Page Rank. Make an effort to get as much as high quality one way links on websites possessing Google PR greater than 2. It performs a significant role when examining the rank of your site. Link building will also useful towards your SEO task too. Always submit your website to quality websites otherwise Google Over Optimization Penalty will penalize your website.

Install Alexa Toolbar

Download & install its toolbar in your preferred internet browser then pay a visit to your website’s pages regularly. You can also use your website’s logo with its toolbar. It carries an important effect in boosting the rank of the website. Install its toolbar and also motivate your target audience to install the toolbar too.

Join Webmaster Forums & Add Link in Signatures

Take part in Webmaster Forums that allow adding links in signature and post informative comments, because the majority of webmasters also have its toolbar active in their browsers. Submit your website’s URL in the forum Signatures. It brings plenty of webmaster visitors to your website through signature links and helps to improve your rank. However, you must have Quality as well as beneficial content in your website to draw in a lot more website visitors that have toolbar installed to boost your rankings.


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